PrivacyWeek 2020

Let's build a tool to make sense of your GDPR exports
10-30, 17:00–20:00 (Europe/Vienna), Workshop
Language: English

You have exported your data from different service providers using GDPR - now what? What is inside of those?
I will present an idea of an easy-to-use website that allows the general public to get a quick analysis of their data in a privacy-preserving manner.

This workshop is in BigBlueButton Room

For a while now, i feel that GDPR is quite nice since service providers must provide you with a way to download all your data.
However, understanding the data inside the ZIP/XML/JSON files can be difficult, even greater for people with a non-technical background. There is the idea to provide a tool that makes it easy to get some quick insights and to help users understanding the data that is stored at their service providers about them.
To my knowledge, such tool does not exist, so I am looking for some comrades in order to build a first prototype during PrivacyWeek. I have a (very) limited skills about current WebUI/frontend development, so I could need a helping hand or to ;-)

All things data.